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2007 Leadville Trail 100 Mtb Start

2007 Leadville Trail 100 Mtb Start

The Leadville Trail 100 MTB race is one of a number of ultra distance mountain bike races. This race has gotten notoriety outside mtb circles when Floyd Landis rode it in 2007. This was Landis’s second race following his 2006 Tour win/strip and hip surgery. Lance had originally signed up for this race but had to pull out due to scheduling issues.

The out and back race starts in Leadville, Colorado following a mostly north/south route. Racer initially head west and north up and around Turquoise Lake, then south to a turnaround at Columbine Mine. The race returns on the same path until just west of Leadville where the return loop dips further south before coming into town.

The significant climbs include:

Mile 7, St. Kevin’s – 2.2 miles, 800ft, 6.9% Grade
Mile 14, Powerline – 4.8 miles 1,200ft, 4.7% Grade
Mile 40, Columbine mine – 11 miles 3,300ft, 5.7% Grade ave.
The later 8.5 miles runs 7.1% Grade
Mile 80, Powerline – 2.7 miles, 1,550ft, 10.9% Grade
Mile 86, St, Kevin’s – 2.7 miles, 900ft, 6.3% Grade

2008 Leadville 100 Mtb Elevation Profile

2008 Leadville 100 Mtb Elevation Profile

This year the race gets continued attention in that Lance Armstrong has signed up once more. The

2008 Miles of DisComfort MTB Race - Lance Armstrong

2008 Miles of DisComfort MTB Race - Lance Armstrong

race is scheduled for August 9th so I think at this point there is a good chance Lance will show. As we all know Lance is no slouch. He has raced mtb, including at this years Miles of DisComfort 52 miler in Comfort, TX this January. Lance ended up DNF at mile 41 as a result of leg cramps. From what I’ve read, he lost his water bottles and may have dehydrated some. I don’t figure this will be a problem at Leadville. As with anything Lance attempts, he will come prepared.

He has run several marathons in his post Tour days finishing sub three hours in each.  Lance ran the Boston Marathon this April in just under 2:51. That is quite an impressive time considering he was training informally. I expect he will give the field a run for their money.

Will he be able to challenge 5 time winner Dave Weins though? Tune in next week.


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