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Chris Hoy at the UCI World Championships

Chris Hoy at the 2008 UCI World Championships

The first Olympic track cycling race is the men’s team sprint. Race distance is 3 laps for 750 meters. The event will be held on Fri Aug 15 2008. Start times are as follows:
• Qualifying: 4:30am EST
• First Round: 5:45am EST
• Medal Round: 6:40am EST

France has dominated the Team Sprint for many years and is the favorite to win the gold. The coach for the team is Florian Rousseau. As the winner of three gold medals in Atlanta and Sydney, he will have the team prepared and ready to take on the competition. Great Britain came in second to the French team at Worlds this year and should be ready to challenge. The will have a seasoned team led by none other than Chris Hoy. The Netherlands have a list of highly ranked sprinters including Teun Mulder, Tim Veldt and led by Theo Bos. Australians Germany and the Netherlands will be in the running for silver or bronze. The Team USA is not expected to contest for a medal unfortunately.

Here is the start order with matchups for the Qualifying Round
Heat 1
Poland (Maciej Bielecki, Kamil Kuczynski, Lukasz Kwiatowski)

Heat 2
USA (Michael Blatchford, Adam Duvendeck, Giddeon Massie)
Czech Republic (Tomas Babek, Adam Ptacnik, Denis Spicka)

Heat 3
Greece (Athanasios Mantzouranis, Vasilieios Reppas, Panagiotis Voukelatos)
Malaysia (Mohd Azizulhasni Awang, Josiah Ng, Mohd Rizal Tisin)

Heat 4
China (Yong Feng, Wenhao Li, Lei Zhang)
Japan (Kiyofumi Nagai, Tomohiro Nagatsuka, Kazunari Watanabe)

Heat 5
Australia (Daniel Ellis, Mark French, Shane Kelly)
Russia (Sergey Polynskiy, Denis Dmitriev, Sergey Kucherov)

Heat 6
Great Britain (Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, Jamie Staff)
Germany (Rene Enders, Maximilian Levy, Stefan Nimke)

Heat 7
France (Gregory Bauge, Kevin Sireau, Arnaud Tournant)
Netherlands (Theo Bos, Teun Mulder, Tim Veldt)

If you are not familiar with the race here is a clip from NBC to explain.
For this event, contested only by men at the Games, two teams of three riders each compete head-to-head. The race consists of three laps of the track with each rider on the team leading for one lap. Unlike the individual sprint event, where the first 800 meters of the race is used for positioning and the final 200 meters is the sprint, team sprint competitors go all-out from the start and the entire race is timed. As in the team pursuit event, the teams start on opposite sides of the track, in the middle of each straightaway. As the team finishes the first lap, the lead cyclist drops back to the rear and leaves the track, leaving the second rider in the lead position. The same process is repeated after the second lap with the second rider exiting the track, leaving the third rider to finish the race. Times are based on the finish of the third rider of each team and the team with the fastest time is the winner. (From NBC)

Finish Order – World Championships (3/26/08), Men’s Team Sprint:
1. France – UCI Rank 1, 2830 pts
2. Great Brittan – UCI Rank 4, 1477.5 pts
3. Netherlands – UCI Rank 3, 1560 pts
4. Germany – UCI Rank 6, 1406.5 pts
5. Australia – UCI Rank 2, 1927 pts
6. Russian Federation – UCI Rank 8, 981.5 pts
7. China – UCI Rank 5, 1450 pts
8. Japan – UCI Rank 9, 966 pts
9. Ukraine – UCI Rank 14, 469 pts
10. USA – UCI Rank 11, 741 pts
11. Poland – UCI Rank 13, 537 pts
12. Spain – UCI Rank 15, 467.5 pts
13. Czech Republic – UCI Rank 12, 538.5 pts
14. Greece – UCI Rank 7, 993 pts
15. Malaysia – UCI Rank 10, 783.5 pts


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