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Dave Wiens crossed the finish on a flat back tire to win the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race today.  The

Leadville 100 MTB - Under 12 Hour Buckle

Leadville 100 MTB - Under 12 Hour Buckle

race is considered to be the toughest, single-day mountain bike race in the country covering 100 miles with 15,000 ft vertical of climbing.

Lance and Dave rode with a steadily shrinking group of riders up until the Columbine. They shook off the last ten on the accent, riding together for the next 45 miles. Dave was got a gap at St. Kevin’s with Lance catching back up on the decent. Dave then slowly walked away, Lance unable to match. Apparently Dave waited up for Lance to make it a contest at the finish but Lance waved him off. Dave continued to make time all the way to the line finishing in 6:45:45. Lance dragged in two minutes later cut up from falling.

Congrats to Dave for showing us how to put it down. Thanks to Lance for raising the bar and elevating the race. Congrats to all who rode in this amazingly tough race.

Star Tribune Article with some nice quotes.

Santa Cruz Sentinel Article


1 Dave Wiens 6:45:45
2 Lance Armstrong 6:47:41
3 Manuel Prado 7:20:52
4 Ethan Passant 7:27:54
5 Jonathan Scholnick 7:30:16
6 Max Taam M2 7:32:26
7 Nate Whitman 7:39:14
8 Jim Lehman 7:39:35
9 Kevin Andrews 7:42:18
10 Kimo Seymour 7:43:31
11 Jake Rubelt 7:44:31
12 Chuck Gibson 7:44:31
13 Dax Massey 7:45:54
14 Garth Prosser 7:48:52
15 Jim Silverman 7:49:21
16 Ted MacBlane 7:49:37
17 Joel Mischke 7:51:27
18 Kent McNeill 7:56:17
19 Keith Collins 7:56:18
20 Bill MacFarlane 7:57:02
21 Yuki Saito 7:58:10
22 Paul Gorbold 7:59:03
23 Jeff Wardell 7:59:51
24 Ryan Hamilton 8:00:31


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