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I went for a ride this afternoon on my trusty Specialized.  The weather was windy and cloudy at first but cleared to a pleasant if humid evening.  The bike is tuned quite nicely and rode smoothly. 

I had an interesting encounter near an access

Bike Friday Folding Bike
Bike Friday Folding Bike

road about 8 miles out.  I came upon a loaded down bike.  This thing was sturdy but encumbered with all manner of travel gear.  I saw a guy resting on the side of the road and intrigued, I stopped to check in on him.  He was about 65 with a full beard a yellow jersey and clearly was associated with the bike. 


After a brief conversation, I found out that Paul hails from Seattle, Washington and has been riding across the country.  He traveled from Seattle to North Dakota for the first leg then flew to New Hampshire for an occasion.  From there he had been riding the down the east coast to Maryland on his way to DC to visit his daughter.  After a stay with her he intended to fly back to North Dakota to start the trip home.  He took a moment to show me some pictures of the trip on his Curve and shared some highlights.  He explained that his bike folds in to a hard case suitcase for travel.  He unpacks the bike and pulls the suitcase on its wheels kind of like a trunk.  I found that rather innovative.  I updated him on the Tour de France and helped to orient him.  Who would have figured?  I’m just glad I stopped.

Chipping Sparrow

Chipping Sparrow

The bird of the day was a chipping sparrow near the trail.  The distinctive insect like trill was the tell.

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