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The women’s triathlon begins tonight at 10pm EST and the men’s race is at the same time tomorrow night.  All but a few of the top ranked are here to compete for an olympic medal.  I’ve assembled some articles about the triathlon, the course, maps and the venue that I found interesting. 

It has been difficult finding elevations for all of the cycling events from the Beijing Olympics and this race has been no different.  I did find a chart with elevation values at a series of points on the 6.55km loop and put together a profile. 

I’ve also included the start list but have ordered in in ITU rank order.  That way it is more clear who is likely to be in contention for a medal.  Looking at the chart, I would argue that the US women have a far greater shot at a medal than the men.  Two of the three US women are ranked top 10 where all the US men are ranked south of 25. 

Team USA – Women’s Triathlon
ITU Women’s Race Overview
Matt Reed Overview for Colorado Runner Magazine
Olympic Men’s Triathlon Article from the Kentucky Herald/Leader
CBC.CA Provides a Nice Triathlon Venue Overview Article about Great Britain’s Chances

Triathlon Course
Triathlon.Org Satellite Image of Triathlon Course
Map Google Earth Link
Nice New York Times Interactive Overview of the Triathlon Course with video from Jarrod Shoemaker

Triathlon Cycling Elevation Profile

2008 Olympic Triathlon Elevation Profile

2008 Olympic Triathlon Elevation Profile

Video Interviews

Sarah Haskins Interview

Julie Swail Interview

Hunter Kemper Interview

Olympic Triathlon Women’s Start List
Start Number, Name, Country, ITU Rank

Start Number Name Country ITU Rank
54 FERNANDES Vanessa Portugal 1
27 WARRINER Sam New Zealand 2
34 SNOWSILL Emma Australia 3
33 MOFFATT Emma Australia 4
26 TANNER Debbie New Zealand 5
42 HASKINS Sarah USA 6
40 BENNETT Laura USA 7
3 DITTMER Anja Germany 8
25 HEWITT Andrea New Zealand 11
8 SPIRIG Nicola Switzerland 12
20 GROVES Lauren Canada 13
56 MAY Elizabeth Holst Luxembourg 14
9 HARRISON Jessica France 15
6 Di MARCO Magali Switzerland 16
4 LISK Ricarda Germany 17
32 DENSHAM Erin Australia 19
10 PEON Carole France 20
12 DOLLINGER Eva Austria 21
16 NIWATA Kiyomi Japan 22
17 UEDA Ai Japan 23
15 IDE Juri Japan 25
50 NORDEN Lisa Sweden 27
5 PILZ Christiane Germany 30
7 RYF Daniela Switzerland 31
22 TREMBLAY Kathy Canada 32
21 MURRAY Carolyn Canada 34
23 FRINTOVA Vendula Czech Repubic 35
31 TUCKER Helen Great Britain 36
38 MURUA Ainhoa Spain 37
51 ABYSOVA Irina Russian Fed. 39
47 ROBERTS Kate South Africa 40
48 OHATA Mariana Brazil 41
14 HAIBOECK Tania Austria 42
24 ZEMANOVA Lenka Czech Repubic 44
37 BURGOS Ana Spain 45
11 ALLEN Kate Austria 46
46 RABIE Mari South Africa 47
19 DEDERKO Ewa Poland 50
53 DAVIS Emma Ireland 51
44 XING Lin China 52
39 MENSINK Lisa Netherlands 54
18 CZESNIK Maria Poland 57
43 SAPUNOVA Yuliya Ukraine 58
52 ZAUSAYLOVA Olga Russian Fed. 59
28 DUFFY Flora Bermuda 62
1 BONIN Charlotte Italy 64
30 AVIL Hollie Great Britain 67
2 CHMET Daniela Italy 68
36 SZABO Zita Livia Hungary 70
29 CORONA Adriana Faviola Mexico 76
35 RIVEROS Barbara Chile 108
45 ZHANG Yi China 121
49 MAK So Ning Tania China 191
55 DIMAKI Nteniz Marina Greece 286


Olympic Triathlon Men’s Start List

Start Number Name Country ITU Rank
30 GOMEZ Francisco Javier Spain 1
27 DOCHERTY Bevan New Zealand 2
12 KAHLEFELDT Brad Australia 3
16 WHITFIELD Simon Canada 4
28 GEMMELL Kris New Zealand 5
37 DON Tim Great Britain 6
19 POLIKARPENKO Volodymyr Ukraine 7
38 BELAUBRE Frederic France 8
32 FRODENO Jan Germany 11
45 RIEDERER Sven Switzerland 12
36 CLARKE Will Great Britain 14
34 UNGER Daniel Germany 15
39 MOULAI Tony France 17
15 TICHELAAR Paul Canada 18
43 HUG Reto Switzerland 19
31 RANA Ivan Spain 20
26 SYSOEV Igor Russian Fed. 21
24 BRYUKHANKOV Alexander Russian Fed. 22
42 OSPALY Filip Czech Republic 24
23 SHOEMAKER Jarrod USA 25
54 PAIS Bruno Portugal 26
22 REED Matty USA 27
5 TAYAMA Hirokatsu Japan 28
44 MARCEAU Olivier Switzerland 29
25 POLYANSKIY Dmitriy Russian Fed. 31
11 ATKINSON Courtney Australia 33
40 VIDAL Laurent France 37
29 REED Shane New Zealand 38
49 JASKOLKA Marek Poland 41
41 HENNING Rasmus Denmark 42
10 FONTANA Daniel Italy 43
7 COLUCCI Reinaldo Brazil 44
52 SAPUNOV Daniil Kazakhstan 49
21 KEMPER Hunter USA 50
17 CROES Peter Belgium 52
53 MARQUES Duarte Portugal 55
18 ZEEBROEK Axel Belgium 57
6 YAMAMOTO Ryosuke Japan 58
2 BERK Sander Netherlands 59
47 AGOSTON Simon Austria 61
4 ALBERT Marko Estonia 64
55 BOCKEL Dirk Luxembourg 66
9 D’AQUINO Emilio Italy 67
8 MOREIRA Jr. Juraci Brazil 68
1 GLUSCHENKO Andriy Ukraine 69
51 KUTTOR Csaba Hungary 72
14 JENKINS Colin Canada 80
35 BROWNLEE Alistair Great Britain 84
33 PROCHNOW Christian Germany 89
50 LEE Chi-Wo Daniel 92
3 SERRANO Francisco Mexico 96
20 FELGATE Christopher Zimbabwe 102
48 TAYARA Omar Syrian 104
46 SIMKO Pavel Slovakia 141
56 WANG Daqing China 168


Great Brittan Wins Gold in Mens Team Sprint

Great Britain Wins Gold in Men's Team Sprint

The British team led by Chris Hoy put together two stellar performances to capture gold in the Men’s Team Sprint. Jamie Staff and Jason Kenny did fabulous turns to set the stage for an unbeatable time. They provided 80% of the margin of victory in a superior lead out to Chris Hoy for the finish. Chris powered to the line building on the lead to position the team for victory.

Jamie Staff, Jason Kenny and Chris Hoy Starting Firing on All Pistons

UK's Jamie Staff, Jason Kenny and Chris Hoy

Back Half of the first 250 Meters

Back Half of the first 250 Meters

The French Team Winds It Up

The French Team Winds It Up

Australia Puts In a Strong Ride to Win the Bronze

Australia Puts In a Strong Ride to Win the Bronze

Team USA did a Nice Turn to Take the 8th Spot

Team USA Cranking the Start and Finishing an Impressive 8th

Thanks to VeloNews for the Photo URL’s


Chris Hoy at the UCI World Championships

Chris Hoy at the 2008 UCI World Championships

The first Olympic track cycling race is the men’s team sprint. Race distance is 3 laps for 750 meters. The event will be held on Fri Aug 15 2008. Start times are as follows:
• Qualifying: 4:30am EST
• First Round: 5:45am EST
• Medal Round: 6:40am EST

France has dominated the Team Sprint for many years and is the favorite to win the gold. The coach for the team is Florian Rousseau. As the winner of three gold medals in Atlanta and Sydney, he will have the team prepared and ready to take on the competition. Great Britain came in second to the French team at Worlds this year and should be ready to challenge. The will have a seasoned team led by none other than Chris Hoy. The Netherlands have a list of highly ranked sprinters including Teun Mulder, Tim Veldt and led by Theo Bos. Australians Germany and the Netherlands will be in the running for silver or bronze. The Team USA is not expected to contest for a medal unfortunately.

Here is the start order with matchups for the Qualifying Round
Heat 1
Poland (Maciej Bielecki, Kamil Kuczynski, Lukasz Kwiatowski)

Heat 2
USA (Michael Blatchford, Adam Duvendeck, Giddeon Massie)
Czech Republic (Tomas Babek, Adam Ptacnik, Denis Spicka)

Heat 3
Greece (Athanasios Mantzouranis, Vasilieios Reppas, Panagiotis Voukelatos)
Malaysia (Mohd Azizulhasni Awang, Josiah Ng, Mohd Rizal Tisin)

Heat 4
China (Yong Feng, Wenhao Li, Lei Zhang)
Japan (Kiyofumi Nagai, Tomohiro Nagatsuka, Kazunari Watanabe)

Heat 5
Australia (Daniel Ellis, Mark French, Shane Kelly)
Russia (Sergey Polynskiy, Denis Dmitriev, Sergey Kucherov)

Heat 6
Great Britain (Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, Jamie Staff)
Germany (Rene Enders, Maximilian Levy, Stefan Nimke)

Heat 7
France (Gregory Bauge, Kevin Sireau, Arnaud Tournant)
Netherlands (Theo Bos, Teun Mulder, Tim Veldt)

If you are not familiar with the race here is a clip from NBC to explain.
For this event, contested only by men at the Games, two teams of three riders each compete head-to-head. The race consists of three laps of the track with each rider on the team leading for one lap. Unlike the individual sprint event, where the first 800 meters of the race is used for positioning and the final 200 meters is the sprint, team sprint competitors go all-out from the start and the entire race is timed. As in the team pursuit event, the teams start on opposite sides of the track, in the middle of each straightaway. As the team finishes the first lap, the lead cyclist drops back to the rear and leaves the track, leaving the second rider in the lead position. The same process is repeated after the second lap with the second rider exiting the track, leaving the third rider to finish the race. Times are based on the finish of the third rider of each team and the team with the fastest time is the winner. (From NBC)

Finish Order – World Championships (3/26/08), Men’s Team Sprint:
1. France – UCI Rank 1, 2830 pts
2. Great Brittan – UCI Rank 4, 1477.5 pts
3. Netherlands – UCI Rank 3, 1560 pts
4. Germany – UCI Rank 6, 1406.5 pts
5. Australia – UCI Rank 2, 1927 pts
6. Russian Federation – UCI Rank 8, 981.5 pts
7. China – UCI Rank 5, 1450 pts
8. Japan – UCI Rank 9, 966 pts
9. Ukraine – UCI Rank 14, 469 pts
10. USA – UCI Rank 11, 741 pts
11. Poland – UCI Rank 13, 537 pts
12. Spain – UCI Rank 15, 467.5 pts
13. Czech Republic – UCI Rank 12, 538.5 pts
14. Greece – UCI Rank 7, 993 pts
15. Malaysia – UCI Rank 10, 783.5 pts


There were many articles related to the Olympic Road Race over the past couple of days.  I’ve

USA Olympic Cycling Coach Jim Ochowicz

USA Olympic Cycling Coach Jim Ochowicz

collected a few of the more interesting ones for you.  I’m glad to see that Phil will be calling the road race and time trial.  There is no better voice for cycling as far as I’m concerned. There are a couple of articles on the course and athlete handicapping.  There is an interesting article from Cycling news from the US coach, Jim Ochowicz’s perspective.  He lays out the US strategy in general terms.


Liggett to call the Olympic Road Race, USA Today

Overview Article, BBC, Simon Brotherton

Overview Article, USA Today

US Road Race Coach Overview, Cycling News

British chances at the Road Race, Times Online Article

Road Race Course Overview Article, Yahoo Sports

Olympic Road Race Competitors

Men’s Road Race
1 Paolo Bettini (Italy)
2 Marzio Bruseghin (Italy)
3 Vincenzo Nibali (Italy)
4 Franco Pellizotti (Italy)
5 Davide Rebellin (Italy)
6 Alberto Contador (Spain)
7 Oscar Freire (Spain)
8 Samuel Sanchez (Spain)
9 Carlos Sastre (Spain)
10 Alejandro Valverde (Spain)
11 Gerald Michael Ciolek (Germany)
12 Bert Grabsch (Germany)
13 Stefan Schumacher (Germany)
14 Jens Voigt (Germany)
15 Fabian Wegmann (Germany)
16 Mario Aerts (Belgium)
17 Christophe Brandt (Belgium)
18 Maxime Monfort (Belgium)
19 Jurgen Van Den Broeck (Belgium)
20 Johan Vansummeren (Belgium)
21 Cyril Dessel (France)
22 Pierrick Fedrigo (France)
23 Remi Pauriol (France)
24 Jerome Pineau (France)
25 Pierre Rolland (France)
26 Cadel Evans (Australia)
27 Simon Gerrans (Australia)
28 Matthew Lloyd (Australia)
29 Stuart O’grady (Australia)
30 Michael Rogers (Australia)
31 Petr Bencik (Czech Republic)
32 Roman Kreuziger (Czech Republic)
33 Kim Kirchen (Luxembourg)
34 Andy Schleck (Luxembourg)
35 Frank Schleck (Luxembourg)
36 Stef Clement (Netherlands)
37 Robert Gesink (Netherlands)
38 Karsten Kroon (Netherlands)
39 Laurens Ten Dam (Netherlands)
40 Niki Terpstra (Netherlands)
41 Vladimir Efimkin (Russian Federation)
42 Sergey Ivanov (Russian Federation)
43 Vladimir Karpets (Russian Federation)
44 Alexander Kolobnev (Russian Federation)
45 Denis Menshov (Russian Federation)
46 George Hincapie (United States Of America)
47 Levi Leipheimer (United States Of America)
48 Jason Mccartney (United States Of America)
49 Christian Vande Velde (United States Of America)
50 David Zabriskie (United States Of America)
51 Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland)
52 Santiago Botero (Colombia)
53 Jose Serpa (Colombia)
54 Rigoberto Uran (Colombia)
55 Gustav Larsson (Sweden)
56 Marcus Ljungqvist (Sweden)
57 Thomas Lovkvist (Sweden)
58 Kurt Asle Arvesen (Norway)
59 Edvald Boasson Hagen (Norway)
60 Lars Petter Nordhaus (Norway)
61 Gabriel Rasch (Norway)
62 Borut Bozic (Slovenia)
63 Jure Golcer (Slovenia)
64 Simon Spilak (Slovenia)
65 Tadej Valjavec (Slovenia)
66 Tomasz Marczynski (Poland)
67 Jacek Tadeusz Morajko (Poland)
68 Przemyslaw Niemiec (Poland)
69 John Augustyn (South Africa)
70 David George (South Africa)
71 Robert Hunter (South Africa)
72 Hossein Askari (Islamic Republic of Iran)
73 Ghader Mizbani (Islamic Republic of Iran)
74 Mehdi Sohrabi (Islamic Republic of Iran)
75 Andriy Grivko (Ukraine)
76 Denys Kostyuk (Ukraine)
77 Ruslan Pidgornyy (Ukraine)
78 Yaroslav Popovych (Ukraine)
79 Andre Cardoso (Portugal)
80 Nuno Ribeiro (Portugal)
81 Fumiyuki Beppu (Japan)
82 Takashi Miyazawa (Japan)
83 Jackson Jesus Rodriguez Ortiz (Venezuela)
84 Alejandro Borrajo (Argentina)
85 Juan Jose Haedo (Argentina)
86 Matias Medici (Argentina)
87 Jonathan Bellis (Great Britain)
88 Stephen Cummings (Great Britain)
89 Roger Hammond (Great Britain)
90 Ben Swift (Great Britain)
91 Glen Chadwick (New Zealand)
92 Julian Dean (New Zealand)
93 Timothy Gudsell (New Zealand)
94 Chris Anker Soerensen (Denmark)
95 Nicki Soerensen (Denmark)
96 Brian Bach Vandborg (Denmark)
97 Michael Barry (Canada)
98 Ryder Hesjedal (Canada)
99 Svein Tuft (Canada)
100 Christian Pfannberger (Austria)
101 Thomas Rohregger (Austria)
102 Matija Kvasina (Croatia)
103 Vladimir Miholjevic (Croatia)
104 Radoslav Rogina (Croatia)
105 Philip Deignan (Ireland)
106 Nicholas Roche (Ireland)
107 Moises Aldape Chavez (Mexico)
108 Rafaa Chtioui (Tunisia)
109 Sergey Lagutin (Uzbekistan)
110 Evgeniy Gerganov (Bulgaria)
111 Daniel Petrov (Bulgaria)
112 Tanel Kangert (Estonia)
113 Rein Taaramae (Estonia)
114 Roman Bronis (Slovakia)
115 Matej Jurco (Slovakia)
116 Jan Valach (Slovakia)
117 Raivis Belohvosciks (Latvia)
118 Gatis Smukulis (Latvia)
119 Nebojsa Jovanovic (Serbia)
120 Ivan Stevic (Serbia)
121 Hichem Chabane (Algeria)
122 Henry Raabe (Costa Rica)
123 Dainius Kairelis (Lithuania)
124 Ignatas Konovalovas (Lithuania)
125 Laszlo Bodrogi (Hungary)
126 Peter Kusztor (Hungary)
127 Murilo Fischer (Brazil)
128 Luciano Pagliarini Mendonca (Brazil)
129 Liang Zhang (People’s Republic of China)
130 Maxim Iglinskiy (Kazakhstan)
131 Andrey Mizurov (Kazakhstan)
132 Alexandr Pliuschin (Republic of Moldova)
133 Aliaksandr Kuchynski (Belarus)
134 Kanstantsin Siutsou (Belarus)
135 Aliaksandr Usau (Belarus)
136 Horacio Gallardo (Bolivia)
137 Ahmed Belgasem (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)
138 Kin San Wu (Hong Kong, China)
139 Sungbaek Park (Korea)
140 Patricio Almonacid (Chile)
141 Gonzalo Garrido (Chile)
142 Erik Hoffmann (Namibia)
143 Mario Contreras (El Salvador)

Women’s Road Race
1 Sara Carrigan (Australia)
2 Kate Bates (Australia)
3 Oenone Wood (Australia)
4 Chantal Beltman (Netherlands)
5 Mirjam Melchers-Van Poppel (Netherlands)
6 Marianne Vos (Netherlands)
7 Judith Arndt (Germany)
8 Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany)
9 Trixi Worrack (Germany)
10 Noemi Cantele (Italy)
11 Vera Carrara (Italy)
12 Tatiana Guderzo (Italy)
13 Kristin Armstrong (United States Of America)
14 Amber Neben (United States Of America)
15 Christine Thorburn (United States Of America)
16 Emma Johansson (Sweden)
17 Susanne Ljungskog (Sweden)
18 Sara Mustonen (Sweden)
19 Nicole Brandli (Switzerland)
20 Priska Doppmann (Switzerland)
21 Jennifer Hohl (Switzerland)
22 Nicole Cooke (Great Britain)
23 Sharon Laws (Great Britain)
24 Emma Pooley (Great Britain)
25 Christel Ferrier Bruneau (France)
26 Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (France)
27 Maryline Salvetat (France)
28 Jolanta Polikeviciute (Lithuania)
29 Edita Pucinskaite (Lithuania)
30 Modesta Vzesniauskaite (Lithuania)
31 Natalia Boyarskaya (Russian Federation)
32 Alexandra Burchenkova (Russian Federation)
33 Yulia Martisova (Russian Federation)
34 Monika Schachl (Austria)
35 Christiane Soeder (Austria)
36 Leigh Hobson (Canada)
37 Erinne Willock (Canada)
38 Alexandra Wrubleski (Canada)
39 Min Gao (People’s Republic of China)
40 Lang Meng (People’s Republic of China)
41 Oksana Kashchyshyna (Ukraine)
42 Tatiana Stiajkina (Ukraine)
43 Yevgeniya Vysotska (Ukraine)
44 Anna Sanchis (Spain)
45 Marta Vilajosana (Spain)
46 Lieselot Decroix (Belgium)
47 Daniely Del Valle Garcia Buitriag (Venezuela)
48 Angie Sabrina Gonzalez Garcia (Venezuela)
49 Cherise Taylor (South Africa)
50 Marissa Van Der Merwe (South Africa)
51 Catherine Cheatley (New Zealand)
52 Joanne Kiesanowski (New Zealand)
53 Miho Oki (Japan)
54 Alessandra Giusseppina Grassi (Mexico)
55 Linda Melanie Villumsen Serup (Denmark)
56 Grete Treier (Estonia)
57 Clemilda Silva (Brazil)
58 Yumari Gonzalez (Cuba)
59 Paulina Brzezna (Poland)
60 Zulfiya Zabirova (Kazakhstan)
61 Sungeun Gu (Korea)
62 Heejung Son (Korea)
63 Anita Valen De Vries (Norway)
64 Chanpeng Nontasin (Thailand)
65 Aurelie Halbwachs (Mauritius)
66 Sigrid Teresa Corneo (Slovenia)


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